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year 2022

Here is some highlites of my work as drummer and composer & arranger in 2022:


I was invited to perform my music with Jazz Dock Orchestra (Prague - CZ). It was so much fun to work with them and conduct the band.


drumming with Gerhard Ornig 4tet feat. Jure Pukl (ts) & Sina Shaari (oud) @tube´s Jazzclub Graz


conducting GMPU Jazz Orchestra (Klagenfurt), performing all time classic Ellington/Strayhorn arrangements of "Nutcracker" + arrangements of Gustav Holst´s "Planets" by Jeremy Levy. Students did a great job! Enjoy the videos.


drumming with onQ (festival) Ensemble @ Porgy&Bess Vienna.


• drumming with David Helbock Trio again @Caserta (Naples, ITA)

• drumming with onQ (Festival) Trio @Museum Lumen (Bruneck, ITA)


• composing for and conducting onQ Festival Ensemble (14 musicians): I was asked to write some new music for this line up. It was great to play and/or conduct different works of composers like Ole Morten Vågan (NOR), Tijn Wybenga (NL), Ursula Reicher (AT), Simon Raab (AT), Viola Hammer (AT), Stepan Flagar (AT).

• I enyojed to be back and conduct RTV Bigband (Ljubljana - Slovenia). We played some of my music which was recorded by broadcast station.


We again played with Ed Partyka J.O. in Berlin (Bflat) after an almost 3 year long break. It´s always a pleasure and great fun to support the band from the drum stool.


I was able to present some of my work at by doing a mini-lesson, as well as composers spotlight. This is a super interesting online platform where not just jazz composers can draw inspiriation from. Here is the free available mini-lesson:

Concert at ORF broadcaststation Klagenfurt: GMPU Jazzorchestra feat. Rick Margitza


Glad to be part of this years edition of "Echoes from the South", brought together by M.Erian and D.Nösig. The line up is 2x brass, 3x reeds and rhythm section. Everybody will bring in some music and the concerts are Dec.15th and 16th in Villach and Klagenfurt (Carinthia).





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